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3 Best Ways To Manage Your Grey Tank Water

Big Water Tank

Saving grey water while boondocking is pretty much key while boondocking. Having enough power, and food supplies to sustain you for a few days, or weeks is very key. Who wants to head to a dump station any sooner than they have to. Not us! So let’s check out a few ways that may be able to help you stay out there longer.

1. Shower Power

I believe for us as well as many others this is the number one source of filling the old grey tank! Even though we have 2 other sinks, this is the big one we think about the most while boondocking.

To get the most out of our boondocking showers we made some changes to our rig. First we installed a low pressure shower head that we could put up with. The one we see most RVers choose is the Oxygenics models. It’s a great shower head but they did not make any that matched up with our decor, so off to the big box stores to search for a different one. We ultimately chose a Delta brand low flow, and it works great for us. Anything that uses 1.5 GPM or less with a pause button feature makes our Navy showers much more manageable.


How we take our showers is really simple and effective.
  1. We put a bucket or as in our case a plastic laundry tub in the shower.
  2. Place shower head in bucket and turn on the shower to wait for the water to heat up.
  3. Once the water is warm enough we hit the pause button on the head so not to have the water running while we get into the shower.
  4. Once we get into the shower we rinse and then press the pause button on the shower head.
  5. Next is to lather up, rinse again and your done.
  6. The only thing to do now is to smile because you’re clean!

Now you have a couple of choices regarding your captured shower water. If you have used biodegradable soap and shampoos you can return it to the earth. Just make sure you don’t pour it near waterways, creeks, or streams. Oh and don’t pour it next to your camping neighbors!

For information on where you can dump grey water. Boondocker’s bible has a nice article HERE

Another way you can dispose of the water is to lay out a nice large tarp, pour the grey water onto it and let it evaporate. This will take a bit to accomplish. Just remember that if you use this method as you are using the water it will be much easier to deal with.

2. Everything Plus The Kitchen Sink

When it comes time to clean the dishes or brush your teeth there are a few easy grey tank saving ideas to use.

When we use the wash basin or the kitchen sink we pretty much use the same method of water collection. Washing your face and hands into a small collapsible tub and again dispose of it as you would with the shower water. Brushing our teeth is a little different because we actually rinse our mouths out into the toilet so it gets flushed into the black tank for proper disposal.

The kitchen sink is a bit different. When we are done with a meal we take a paper towel to the dishes and pots to remove any food particles. This helps to avoid anything from being poured out onto any land. We wash the dishes in a collapsible tub and rinse them over the tub and the grey water is then disposed of pretty much the same as above.

3. What The Flush

If you use your Black Tank in the traditional manner, you can still be water resourceful. Using the grey water from your shower or dishes to flush the toilet. At least this way you’re not using fresh water tank for flushing.

Tree Hugging Rant: When I think about this, it’s kinda crazy that we use potable water to flush pee and poop. That wonderful fresh water could be used better to hydrate people, grow food etc. Imagine all the potable water an average household uses just for flushing toilets in a day. Click HERE!

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