About Us

Our Someday Is Now

This is the ever-present message for us, and maybe you too. For us, it’s been a lifelong commitment. We’ve made intentional moves in our lives since we were young to be able to live life NOW! It’s not always been perfect, and there have been roadblocks and situations that caused us to delay, life happens! We’re certainly far from perfect. but the mindset to keep moving forward has always there.

Who Are These People?

We are Paul, Nancy, and our Corgi Jake.  Paul is originally from Massachusetts and spent a considerable amount of time in the US Army. He fulfilled his dream of being a Paratrooper and traveling the world. He’s always had a thing for tinkering and taking things apart, and sometimes even putting them back together correctly! He spent most of his career in the safety and energy efficiency fields. Nancy is originally from New Jersey.  Nancy is a master of many things, she loves to challenge herself. Her career included (not in order) heavy equipment repossession, runway model, licensed insurance agent, owner of a women’s boutique, and many more. She sold her last business in the summer of 2016

We left our 2600 sq ft house in the east bay of San Francisco and decided to live a more minimal lifestyle and travel. Currently, we live between a 40′ Foretravel bus and a Ram Promaster van we built ourselves.

We have been traveling around for 4 years now and have had a few different vehicles during that time, trying to get it right for our lifestyle. Going to RV, van life, and overland events, and just boondocking around primarily in the Western US is our happy place.