Paul and Nancy

Feeling of Freedom

We’re Paul and Nancy, two wanderlust travelers living the average suburban life who started looking at all the various “Tiny House” TV Shows and said “We Can Do That”.  After awhile the big lightbulb went off in our heads and we realized we needed a home like that, but with more mobility. That kickstarted the RV research obsession! We purchased an older Winnebago to get our feet wet, fixed her up a bit and did some local travels and fell in love with the feeling of freedom.

Thinking that this lifestyle would work we were off looking at every possible RV related content we could find on TV, YouTube, Magazines and around the Web. We visited pretty much all the dealers within 50 miles of the San Francisco Bay Area, and during our last fall vacation to Utah, we took a 300 mile side trip on the way home and stopped in Pomona, CA to see the big California RV Show with over 1000 RV’s on display. Surely we could nail it down there.

It was 108 degrees during that show so we did not accomplish much besides finding the RV’s which had the AC running, and cold bottled water. We came home and like many others before us, we weighed The Good, The OK, and The Bad from Class A, Class C, Fifth Wheels and more…Finally realizing after more months of debating that there is no perfect RV, they all have compromises but finally we could not deny the look, quality and history of the Airstream trailers….so now let the adventures begin.