Which Airstream? So Many Models…

.So Many Models…Yikes

Now that we’ve selected Airstream as our future home on wheels, we needed to decide which one.
Off to the local Airstream dealer we go,  Bay Area Adventures looking at the vast selection of different models they have on display, trying to find the right one which would fit our lifestyle. We knew it needed to be between 25 and 30 feet so we did not feel too cramped.



We started looking at the Airstream International Serenity model which really caught our eye early on and we were quite impressed with. It has 3 choices of interior colors Oyster, Espresso, and the bolder Salsa. It has an overall cool modern feel to it, which appealed to us. We loved the long lounge seating area, the low maintenance wood look floor, cool slide out pantry for the microwave.  We also liked the general layout and storage drawers below the lounge area.

There were a few items we were not too keen on.  One was the laminate counters and the other was the protruding bulge where the sink is located.   This seemed to block the aisle for us. Overall it’s a fantastic trailer which has cool design features and Zen-like atmosphere, but we needed to see more!

Next up was the Airstream Flying Cloud, which in the larger Airstream lineup sits at the bottom tier.  It’s also the most cost-effective and the most popular model. Don’t let that fool you, this Airstream is heads above most other brand trailers we saw as far as quality goes. The Flying Cloud has the most interior options with some new cabinet changes for the 2017 models.

Along with the new color options, the Flying Cloud has the most floor plans.   The most popular is the coveted “Front Bedroom” plan.   This plan can be customized with additional cabinets, a washer dryer, even a wine fridge.  You do lose a bit of seating with these modifications but can make this a one of a kind trailer. Our dealer had some fine examples of what’s possible and had our heads spinning with ideas.

The Airstream Land Yacht, for us, was a strange combination of euro yacht and ultra-modern condo, with a kitchen which included a fold-down cover to hide everything and leather trimmed walls. It could have made the cover of Architectural Digest magazine.

The cool things we did like were the flooring, the shower, and the front bedroom again, which when parked at a beach, or other scenic areas, your main seating area allows you to take in the view with the wrap around windows. While this is the top tier trailer, it’s over the top for us, and we surely would have to be living very carefully, as to not damage the high-end finishes. Probably best for a weekender.

Looking at the Airstream International Signature was another eye-opener. It had great windows, really nice layouts with a really modern exotic wood look and the countertops in the kitchen were a solid surface which we liked, but we noticed laminate countertops on the bath and table areas. Remembering this is a Full-Time trailer, we wanted to make sure we had the durability for years of full-time use.

This is it!

After all these models to look at we finally chose the Airstream Classic as our new home. There were a few tech things that we liked with the classic over the other models, but it really came down to as Nancy put it “it just feels like a home”. And if that feeling makes her happy, then it must be the right trailer for us.

The darker cabinets, plus the wall and window treatments in the seating area make it feel a bit warmer inside. It has solid surface countertops in all areas. We can’t deny being a bit cautious of all the techie items, like the automatic awning, stabilizing jacks, and the multiplex control system for lighting & tank monitoring as we do like to keep it simple, and these can be just another thing to adjust or break. Fingers crossed!

The one new tech item which helped with the decision is the Alde Hydronic heating system, which looks to be more efficient than the traditional forced hot air heating, and none of that dry air being pushed around. Alde claims less energy consumption, using electric, and or propane! and automatically sheds the energy source it does not need, to meet temperature setpoint. It’s like the old baseboard heating we used to see in our homes back east. Looking forward to putting it to the test.

The Classic has a different flooring system than the other models called  Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl. This product appears to have started in the Marine Industry.   If anything can hold up in that environment it should be pretty good for RV’s. It looks very nice and feels soft on the feet. The question was is it durable enough for our use? Well after seeing a sample at the dealer, and this video we’re pretty convinced as far as dirt and other gooey stuff, we’ll see how it holds up against Corgi Hair! Also. this video is a bit misleading as no RV’er is hosing down the floor, it will be Paul with a small broom and dustpan!

After reading many forums and the countless stories about the standard ST tires blowing out on the road, we knew we’d be either purchasing a trailer with the larger wheels and better tires or switching out to them. Thankfully the classic has the better 16″ wheels and Michelin LT tires factory installed.

We are thrilled with our decision to go with a new  2017 Airstream. We know that there will always be new RV bugs to work out. The important thing is we are together, and on to the next phase of our life.




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