Goodbye RV Dinette

Time to say goodbye RV dinette. One of the hardest things we’ve had to do in the current RV, a 2003 Foretravel motorhome and the other 3 previous rigs was to carve our a good working space. I place that was both comfortable, and can fit all our gear. We both do a ton of computer work, and we’ve surely fumbled a few times trying to come up with a good space.


While in our Airstream trailer, a few years ago we were visiting Quartzsite, AZ for a few weeks and I’d had enough of moving from sofa, to dinette, to outside etc. I went to the local lumber yard and found a few scraps pieces of lumber and a few brackets managed to cobble together a desk with the very limited tools I had. In these times I do miss the garage and access to all our tools we had. It was beyond rugged, and less than desirable to look at but it worked. Fast forward to the Foretravel.


You would have thought we’ve learned from past mistakes, but not really. within a few months i again cobbled a working space by laying some wood over the existing dinette, and fastening it to the backrests on each end of the seating area. it was again our $20.00 solution. We’ve been working in the dinette area for about 6 months now, and now we have to do something right away, before I pull my limited amount of hair out.

Man that’s a messy desk!

We’d been looking at Pinterest and other sites for ideas, but have not seen anything we liked , so today we just dove in and removed the dinette completely. Now that we can actually see what we’re dealing with, some new ideas popped in my head…Look out!

One of the challenges we see is our dinette sat on a 25 inch wide by 3 inches high raised platform that runs the entire length of the one slide we have in the rig. The sofa also sits on the same platform. Since desk height should be near 30 Inches high, that presents a height problem for any standard solution. We’ll need to find , or make a desk that’s about 26-27 inches high to compensate for the raised area. Hopefully we’ll have a design nailed down in a few days and I’ll post pictures of before, in progress and after.

Stay Tuned

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