A Look Back At 2016

2016 might be over, but when we think back we realize it sure brought a lot of change to our lives. Here’s a look back at 2016.

January – At this point we had already decided to live full time in an RV, but we just had not come to an agreement as to what type.  I was still leaning more towards the larger class A with the car we already had for the toad and Paul was now starting to talk to me about an Airstream travel trailer.  My reasoning was more for the living space, the dishwasher, the washer/dryer, the storage, the ability to be in the rig while driving so I could make food or use the restroom or even nap.  Paul’s reasoning for a smaller rig was to make it easier to maneuver in and out of State and National parks.  That was a very valid argument.  The problem with smaller was that I had to decide if that was worth losing all the amenities that I was so looking forward to.  So the discussion and search went on.


February – I still owned my women’s consignment store in town and was there day in and day out 5 to 6 days a week.  Paul was traveling to and from work 40 miles away everyday.  I had already begun advertising my store for sale but didn’t have any bites yet.  By this time, we had both gotten the full time RV bug and that was all we could think about.  We were going to RV shows and dealers all over the place in search for the perfect RV.  Little did we know that there really isn’t any perfect RV.  The RV that works for you and gives you what you need to live is really the perfect RV.  I think the problem we all have is that the fear of buying the perfect one is so daunting that we forget that even though we are living in it full time it is not a stick and brick house.  This makes it much easier to like it now and maybe not so much in a year or two or even less than that.  It doesn’t take as much to buy and sell an RV as it does to buy and sell a house.  Once you accept that way of thinking it makes it much easier to look for the right, not perfect, RV.

March – We started working with a realtor friend of mine, Julie, to get a list of the items that need to be done to get the house together for sale.  This included removing the popcorn ceiling which was not as easy as we thought it would be.  We went out and bought all the vacuum parts to suck up the old material as it was being scrapped and lined the floor with plastic to protect the carpet.  Man this whole thing was harder than we wanted it to be.  Once the ceiling material was gone we then had to get a contractor to texture and paint the ceiling to give it more of the modern look.  What a mess that was and very time consuming.  The rest of the items on the list were little things like paint rooms, replace fixtures and redo some of the molding.  We also had to get the outside together, as the backyard was really the reason I bought the house in the first place.  The electrical and thermal heating lines needed to be repaired and relocated, the tile around the pool needed to be re-grouted and cleaned and the gazebo over the hot tub needed to be demolished, (that was fun).  Overall it was a long list of things to be done while we were both still working fulltime.


April – Hooray I have a buyer for the store!  One of my customers was now starting the process of putting financing together to become the new owner.  I was spending a lot of my time preparing the store to switch ownership.  Paul was still working 40 hours or more a week with his stress level reaching max on occasion.  This was the reason we decided to have him leave that environment sooner than retirement age.  I didn’t want to loose him to his job.  We were still working on the repairs and upgrades to the house but we were starting to reach the end of our lists.  Our female dog Maci was progressing in her illness to the point that she could no longer use her front or back legs so she was confined to her wheeled cart or one of us moving her from place to place.  The search for the RV for our home was starting to take shape a little more as we decided we were going to go with the smaller Airstream instead of the larger class A.  Now we just had to decide on the right one.  Paul started the intense research that needed to be done to list the pros and cons of each style and length.  We wanted it short enough to move around but long enough to have space to live.  He actually started looking into the differences from one year to another and we decided, due to the heating and lighting and some other things, that we wanted the 2017 Classic 30J which had the queen bed in the back.  The problem was that they hadn’t come out to the dealers yet so we couldn’t actually walk in one.  So we set out to find the dealer that could help us with the best price and the perfect timing for our needs.  Because we were getting a 30’ Airstream we needed to get a vehicle that was strong enough to pull it up and down all the mountains that we wanted to travel to, so we started the search for a new truck as well.



May – Paul was working on some really large projects at work which was keeping him there long after hours and coming home exhausted.  I think I was pushing him to hard working on the house after work.  I actually had to take him to the ER for a torn hernia.  I was preparing the store for the transition and getting ready for all the systems to be turned over to the new owner.  Maci and Jake, our corgis, were starting to feel the brunt of all the work and changes that were going on with our home and jobs.  They were starting to feel neglected.  I think it was about this time that we realized that the best name we could have in social media to express the feeling we were having about our lives at this point was “Our Someday is Now”.  We had to make this change sooner than later because we realized that our someday had to be now or it might be to late.



June – The store is not mine anymore. It is now official.  I will stay with the owner for a couple of months to make the transition smoother for her.  I need to spend more time at home now taking care of Maci as she is getting more dependent on me than before.  The house is now done and ready to be put on the market but we are waiting for the appropriate time for the trending market.  Paul is doing much better at work without having to spend so much time working on the house when he gets home.  We had a landscaper put the finishing touches on the outside of the house to make it even prettier for the sale.



July – The house was put on the market on the 1st starting with an open house and it sold in 6 days!  We were so shocked that it went that fast.  Now we had to start the decisions of truck and home.  The first was going to our local Airstream dealer to place the order for the 2017 model of the Classic 30’.  That was going to take a couple of months to be made and delivered.  We chose the interior décor and solar options to make it be the home we wanted.  I now had to start the task of finding a place to live in our new Airstream once it was delivered as the closing of the house was in a month or so.  I secured and started to occupy a storage facility for the items that we, at the time, thought we were going to need on the road.  We prepared the house for a massive yard sale and was amazed at how easy it was to create a pile of things that we had lived with for so many years that we were able to let go of that easily.  It just showed us that they were just things.  Things that most of the time were just taking up space.



August – The yard sale was a huge success.  We sold almost everything we had out and then some.  Paul let go a lot of his really nice tools for very little money just to move them out.  He even sold one of our Harleys at the yard sale.  Whatever was left from the sale was donated or given to family and friends.  We now had less than 30 days to get out of the house so it was good to find out that our new Airstream would be here the first week of September.  The new owner of the house was gracious enough to let us stay in the house for a week while we waited for our rig.  I had to now find a long term hotel for us to stay in until the middle of September for delivery of the Airstream.  Having two dogs, one handicapped, in an extended stay hotel was not going to be easy but at least it will be a roof over our heads.  We were going to be staying close enough to a satellite office for Paul so he didn’t have to go 40 miles everyday.  That was a huge relief of stress for him.


September – Well that’s it.  I am no longer at the store at all and we were out of the house and living in our extended stay hotel.  It isn’t that bad but it also isn’t where I would want to stay.  We were told by the Airstream dealer that there was a delay in the delivery of our rig so they were going to let us borrow a rig to give us someplace to live until the October 1st delivery of our 30’.  We didn’t even have a truck to pick it up so they also were willing to deliver it to the KOA in the area that we were going to be staying for the rest of the year.  The 25’ Flying Cloud was delivered and we sort of moved in.  I didn’t want to get to settled because it was only for 2 weeks.  It was small but doable. We had the transition from our 1600 sq ft house to a 500 sq ft hotel room which made the move into a 200 sq ft Airstream seem much easier.  By the time we moved into our 240 sq ft 30’ it would feel like a mansion.


October – Our 2017 30’ Airstream Classic was delivered on the 1st and we are now finally, after all this work and timing, in our home.  What a wonderful feeling.  Now the job of finding a place to put all the things we brought with us.  We still had the storage facility full to the brim and needed to get a tow vehicle.  Paul started the long process again of finding the vehicle that would best suit our needs.  We finally decided on and had to order a 2017 Ford F250 Diesel Super Duty.  The changes that had been in the 2017 version were just everything he wanted so we waited for a November delivery.  Learning the inside and outside of our new rig took a lot of our time but it was everything we had wanted and waited for.


November – Our truck was finally delivered and it’s gorgeous.  There is so much to learn about this truck its crazy.  All the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place nicely.  We now have to start preparing for the holidays and all the craziness that comes with it.  We will always want to be with family during the holidays.  We have scheduled a tentative departure date of January 15th.  We have our first reservation in Quartzite Arizona towards the end of January.  Paul is still working one day a week at the main office 40 miles a way and the rest of the week at the close satellite office.  Maci and Jake are starting to settle in nicely but this area has a lot of rain at this time of year so dealing with wet dogs going in and out of the rig is rough.  It’s a lot of work in a house and even harder in a small trailer.  Learning how to cook in such a small kitchen is also a challenge.  The thing I am finding out is that with such small living space the slightest thing out of place makes the whole rig look a mess.  The key is to put things away after every use.


December – The holidays are upon us and it is getting pretty crazy over here.  Shopping, decorating, baking and fun with family and friends.  We started talking to a friend of my daughters to buy the other car we have so we are going to be down to just the truck soon.  The cover for the bed of the truck and the bike rakes are all ordered and soon to be delivered.  Finding the right size containers for the dishes and food for inside the cabinets, and the right sizes for the containers to store in the bed of the covered truck for all the rest of our stuff is a big job.  Christmas came and went and we all had a lot of fun but I am glad it’s over.  I think a lot of us look forward to the quiet again after all the build up to New Years.  We have a couple of more things to do before we have everything in place for the launch but we are feeling pretty confident that things are falling into place nicely.


Overall, it has been quite a year for us.  A lot of ups and downs and changes.  Some for good and some not so good.  We lost some friends in 2016 that should still be with us but life takes the course it wants to take no matter what we want sometimes.  Our someday is now is our philosophy from now on and we couldn’t be happier.


Looking forward to a very exciting 2017 with all our travels and adventures along the way.


Thanks 2016 for making us stronger…2017, here we come!

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