Our favorite top 10 campground locator sites




Campendium, our personnel favorite, is a great source to find a campground, whether it’s a State or National Park or an RV Park or Resort.  Just put in the area that you will be in and it will show you maps with all different kinds of layers for you to choose from.  It’s really helpful.  They also have a great listing of reviews of the park that you are interested in.  This is always nice because it is coming from the other RVers that are out there and have actually stayed at the campground and has first hand experience with the park, the grounds, and the personnel.  Sometimes they even load some pictures to really seal the deal. They guide you to some free BLM camping sites. Users pass on information regarding wifi and cell service stats.

RVparky is a very user friendly campsite locator.   It helps you with overnight stays as well as vacations or full time sites.  It gives you lots of filters to be able to bring up anything you are looking for from camping to places to eat.  Very easy to work with.  One of the things I like about this site is that it almost always gives you copies of the campground map so you can possibly pick a spot that looks good to you.

Camping Road Trip is a very clean, right to the point kind of website.  It really gives you the most detail about a location.  It has group conversation forums about sites and tips and articles about what to do in areas from the activity advisors in the area.


BLM.gov is a listing of all BLM free camping.  It gives you the areas that are BLM land and an overview of where you can stay but it can’t reserve any spot for you so it is first come first serve.

KOA (Kampgrounds of America) is and has always been our fall back on campground.  We are comfortable there and they are pretty much the same kind of setups from one to another.  You also get a discount if you purchase their rewards card.

Reserve America is a website that will give you lists of BLM (Bureau of Land Management) locations along with state and national parks.  The site can help you with hunting and fishing licenses along with some tips, tricks, recipes and some camping information.

Freecampsites is a state by state directory.  It lets you know where BLM and all other kinds of free camping.

Harvest host is a very unique website.  It is a directory of places that you can stay on places of business for free in reward for helping around the business or spending some money.  They have vineyards, farms, and all kinds of places to stay that have the room to let you pull in and spend the night.  Keep in mind that it is usually only one night and there are no hookups.  Very cool way to see different kinds of places.

The Dyrt is a review kind of site locator but they also try very hard to get people to write reviews and post pictures.  They do this by offering review contests for points and prizes.  They give reviews and pictures along with the amenities available at the campgrounds.  The only thing we didn’t like is that they don’t show what type of cell service is available at the location.  That is important to someone that is working remotely.