Save Your Television During Earthquake Like Travel

Living in a stationary house in California, you need to make sure all your things are earthquake secure.  Now that we live in an RV full time, we realize we need to do the exact same thing.
When an RV goes down the road, it’s like a 4.0 earthquake for the rig itself along with all the items that are inside.  We all pack up our belongings or secure them so they won’t break.  The new TVs that are being installed with swing mechanisms have been known to fail.

All manufacturers install a latch on the inside of the TV compartment to be able to hold the TV in place during travel.  But do they really hold them tight enough for earthquake type shaking?

We have a 5th wheel  Heartland Landmark with a 55″ TV in the living room.  There are shelves behind the TV for extra storage.  The manufacturer included a small latch on the TV.  It was on the opposite side of the hinge to make it easy to swing the TV out to get to the storage shelves behind it.  This is also where they put outlets for easy installation of any DVD players or other electronic devices.  The latch has a strap release on the TV to access the storage.  We realized that it’s not a very secure attachment for a large TV during a 4.0 earthquake.

We were camping a few months ago with friends that have the exact same 5th wheel model.  One night around the campfire he mentioned to us that one of the times he was traveling he made a dramatic discovery.  He had used the manufacturer installed latch mechanism as normal to prepare for his day of travel.  The road he traveled on was just a normal straight freeway.  Upon arriving at his destination his wife entered the RV and discovered the TV latch had broken free. The TV swung open and smashed into the kitchen counter.  There was no way of knowing this type of malfunction could have taken place, but it did and it was a costly one.  He explained to us the extra security system that he added to his TV.

This would be something that would give us peace of mind during our future travel days.  We kept the latch system that came from the manufacturer for day to day use when we are parked.  Then we decided to add that little piece of insurance for our travel days.

We researched a lot of different ways to go about adding another type of device for securing the TV.  What we decided would be the easiest to install and easiest to secure before getting on the road was a simple Eye Bolt  with  Lobster Claw Clip and a  Spring Extension

Check out the video to see just how easy it was to install this system and the ease of use for traveling.



Thanks to our friends Gerry and Karen for letting us adapt their idea into the system we installed.

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