Kuissential SlickDrip – Collapsible Silicone Coffee Dripper, Filter Cone (Kitchen)

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I left my Keurig coffee machine behind to save space in the small kitchen so I had to find an alternative way to make a cup or two of coffee.  I found this nice silicone collapsible filter holder that works great.  It uses regular paper filters that you can buy in a regular grocery store.  I don’t even have to worry about it falling and breaking when we travel.


Camco 43925 Ceramic 7 Piece Nesting Cookware Set (Automotive)

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When we decided to move into 240 sq ft I realized that I wouldn’t be able to bring all my pots and pans. I saw another RVer review these nesting pots and I was sold.  They have a ceramic finish so I don’t have to worry about scratches or anything sticking.  I now realize that these 3 pots are really all I needed in the first place.
I really thought long and hard about this one.  I am not a big cook, I admit it, so I really didn’t think it would be anything that I would need especially because it takes up a lot of room.  I was wrong.  Now keep in mind it is not for everyone but it has really helped me appear to be a cook.  I like that.  The few things that I make in it have been great and I’m sure that the more I learn the better our food will be.

Charles Viancin Wine Bottle Stopper – Lily Pad, Sunflower & Hibiscus (Kitchen)

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These are the cutest things ever.  They don’t look like they would work but it’s crazy how tight they are.  I can put a bottle on it’s side and not a drop falls out…. and they look good too.

Charles Viancin Cabbage Colander & Steamer – Purple Small (Kitchen)

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I started with a metal steam basket.  When we moved into the rig I though plastic would be better.  That was fine until one of the feet broke off during a travel day.  Now I have this silicone one and it is the best one yet.  It can’t break, its small enough for veggies for 2 people.