Top 10.5 RV Parks and Campgrounds of 2017

Since we have been on the road, October 2016 was our start, we have traveled to 27 states.  So we made a list of our Top 10.5 RV Parks and Campgrounds.  Top 10.5 RV Parks and Campgrounds of 2017
I know you are probably saying that is a lot of states and you would be right.  We were traveling on an average about every 3 days.  Let’s face it, we were new to the whole RV thing and in the beginning.  Aren’t we all excited to experience the fact that you can get up and move anytime you want?  Of course we are, so we traveled quite a lot and was able to see a lot of places.

We are now on our third RV.  That means in 2017 we actually traveled in two different rigs.  At the beginning of the year, we were in a 30′ Airstream Travel Trailer.  We were in love with this trailer and were amazed at how easy it was to tow it behind our Ford F250 truck.  At that point that was going to be our forever trailer…there is usually never a forever trailer. We realized that we had to move to many things to get to the one thing that we were looking for and then move them all back again.  Ugh!

Now the next rig was and still is at the time of this article our 35′ Heartland 5th Wheel. Landmark Syracuse 35′ We pull this with our new Ford.  F350 Dually  Yes, we had to change the towing vehicle as well.  We are comfortable and happy with this rig and so now like I said before, we feel that this is our forever rig.

We have stayed in some really nice RV resort style parks with pools, hot tubs, activities, restaurants, and bars but we have also stayed in some more rustic, scenic, no-frills places as well.  This is not to say any one of these places is better or worse than another.  These are just the ones we were in at the time.  Also, know that it wasn’t always about the park we were staying in as much as the location it was in and the approximately it what was to the area and sights that we were interested in.

We are excited to check out some more of the RV Parks and Campgrounds in the US in the following years.

Here is our list of Top 10.5 RV Parks and Campgrounds.


  1. Petaluma KOA – Petaluma, California
  2. Elkhart County Fairgrounds – Goshen, Indiana
  3. Absaroka Bay RV Park – Cody, Wyoming
  4. Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort – Las Vegas, Nevada
  5. Lake Havasu State Park – Lake Havasu, Arizona
  6. Moab Rim RV Park – Moab, Utah
  7. Alpen Rose RV Park – Durango, Colorado
  8. BJs RV Park – Terlingua, Texas
  9. Fredericksburg KOA – Fredericksburg, Texas
  10. Hacienda RV Resort – Las Cruces, New Mexico
  11. Oakwood Trails RV Park – Austin, Minnesota



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